Friday, April 10, 2009

Without Application

so i was talking with someone about Boys Breakfast Club. i was telling them how i didnt get anything out of it. it was more of a fellowship rather than a spiritual thing. but thought about it again, and i came to realize, even though there wasnt much of a spiritual side of it, i did manage to get something out of it. i learned some pretty useful and meaningful stuff. but the problem was APPLICATION. i didnt really apply it to my life. and if i had, great things might have came out of it, for myself and for the good of others.

but i agree, it is hard to apply the stuff ON THE SPOT. you cant be like, in this situation "oh, this book saids to do this, so ill ......". that makes it fake. i guess u have to slowly adapt and incorporate it into our lives. this way guys can treat girls with the respect and care that they deserve. i pray that each and everyone of us from the breakfast club will take something positive like this out of it and that God will help me and them to apply these to our lives. not necessarily to attract a significant other, but as caring human beings and loving Christians.

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