Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dead Squirrel

so we were biking and found this:

its a dead squirrel, a car ran over it i guess and the head is crushed and splattered.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

James Study

so today was the officially the day we started james study! and it was GREAT!! definitely the highlight of my day!. we read james 1:1-12. went over verse by verse. it was good! i got more and a lot out of it. my bad on my part a little bit, but i was asking the most questions and talking the most haha. i guess its some what good. but wished others might ask more maybe lol yeaa. but overall it was great!!

the thing i was even more happy about was one of my prayers got somewhat answered. before, from the past, i had experiences at like christian club when i get too like in control. like personally i dont like things being i guess not my way. maybe selfish on my part. kind of had to do with my childhood and how i was raised cus i tend to be very independent so it was hard for me to i guess trust others. but yea i get like anal about things like not working a certain way cus im scared other ways arent gonna turn out good. but thats one of the things ive been praying about. and today, God really helped me with that. i was able to realize that I was about to be controlling and hold myself back. and b/c things worked out fine and GREAT as a matter of fact. so praise goes to God for that. such a good day.

cant wait for next week!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

3D Business Cards

so i saw this on someone else's blog and thought it was REALLY COOL!
now i really want my own business cards.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Daily Bread:

"When God delays discipline, it’s not due to indifference; it’s due to His very nature—He is gracious and slow to anger. Some see that as permission to sin, but God intends it to be an invitation to repent (Rom. 2:4)."

Prayer: Lord, thank You for being slow to anger and filled with compassion. May I not presume upon Your mercy by assuming that there will be no consequences to my sin. Help me instead to confess it. Amen.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Failure To See

as christians, we are shown to love others as we love ourselves. for me, loving others might not be easy in terms of everyone. but overall, i think im quite decent. im not saying im great, but im like terrible. i tend and try to show love to most ppl. but the bad thing is, as i thought about it, i realized even though is "easy" to love others, its hard for me to show the same kind of love to my family. like i can care for others and sometimes ill go WAY out of my way for others. but when the problems at home, i tend to avoid it. idk why. that's something i definitely have to pray about. i prayed for challenges. but this whole time the real challenge is right here in front of me, i just failed to or chose not to see it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


we just came back from a retreat with my fellowship AACF. the theme was "Satisfy". the speaker was Pastor Jason Kim. he was a cool guy, driving a sports car, dressing all G and very outgoing with his messages. he said a lot of things but only some were main points that stuck with me.

SATISFY - people always try to get more and more to satisfy themselves

being christian, we have a lot things we do. like bible study, church, devos, etc. but at some point these things turn somewhat into routine. sometimes we dont want to do them but we do them anyways because we feel guilty for not doing them. we feel like we have to. other times we do things to put on an image. to look "Christian" in front of others b/c we are scared to be criticized or to be viewed a certain way. it is at this point that we start "Doing Christian stuff without Christ.". we forget why we do things we do and act the way we act anymore. it is all for ourselves and not for the glory of God. we try to satisfy ourselves rather than look to Him for satisfaction. this is what we fail to see sometimes.

"Being a good Christian is not about the image, but about the thirst."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Praying for Struggles

over break, i realized that davis was too comfortable compared to sf. everything seems too "good" and there weren't enough "bad" to challenge my life and faith. so one of my prayers was for these struggles. when i got back to davis, my prayers were answered. slowly "bad" news came to me. two of my friends resigned from davis for personal reasons. other things as well. its bad but at the same time, i know theres faith and hope that this "bad" will be GREAT in the bigger picture. i guess its also a praise to Him that theses struggles arent hitting me fast and hard at once. it is slowly coming and helps me open my eyes and heart a little more. thank you Lord, amen.

Small Group

yay! so we finally came together and had our meeting about the small group that i wanted to start with a bunch of our friends. there is six of us and we'll be studying the book of James. we have partners leading each week. and we take turns. im super excited.

the main reason why i wanted to do it was that i felt that i wasnt reading the bible enough. i want the knowledge but my lazy butt cant read. so hopefully this small group will help me grow in knowledge and spirituality. also with leadership and experience leading a bible study.

we picked groups today. three groups, one boy one girl in each. they said it was "fate" for the partners, but idk. i kinda hope not. i was hoping to be partners with __, but i wasnt. i guess this is God's way of telling me, its not the right time or thats not the way to go. it will help me keep my focus on the right things and not get distracted for with the wrong reasons. i just have to have faith in Him and trust that He is doing me good.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Postal Express

i had quite an interesting today! so i went to the school post office to ship some stuff. as i was in line, there was guy ahead of me and he was trying to ship something for his girlfriend to Hong Kong. but the address that she gave him was written badly so it was hard to figure it out. so yea i ended up helping him and talking to him in the process. paid for some of his shipping too. took about an hour but it was worth it. hes from fremont and was just up here visiting. best of all he was Christian! man thats so cool. God must of made this meeting for a reason. dont know what it was but i will. anyways so the postal office at school didnt have Express mail so went to the downtown office. as we were leaving i was stopped by some security students cus they said i was suspected for stealing from the bookstore. i was kinda excited haha made my life more interesting. but yea turns out they had the wrong guy. i knew i was innocent so i wasnt worried. i actually thanked them cus it was a new experience. but yea. happy for today. praise God for it. im so thankful i met a new friend and was able to have fun today.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


today i went to Rite Aid and they gave me something interesting :]

they were doing some LIFE game and u get like stickers every time u buy stuff and u have to complete the board for prizes or something. it made me think back about retreat and our theme "Doing LIFE Together". the rite aid thing didnt really speak to me but it did make me thing wow, amazing how my real life involves incidences that reminds me of LIFE board games and the retreat theme. makes me more excited of what God has in store for me and why i came across this Rite Aid Life Board.

Locked Out

apparently we arent suppose to be back in our dorms until sunday at noon. not knowing, i decided to come back on saturday at night, hopping to settle in before school started. our ID cards wasnt suppose to work so we couldnt get into the building. but for some reason mines did. haha skills! i thought it was weird that ALL the lights of the dorms were closed and no one was here. anyways, half an hour later, one of the housing people knocked on my door and told me i wasnt suppose to be here and asked me if i had any where else to go. after saying no, he decided to let me stay. so nice. i thank him for that. he said it was an honest mistake. glad the trusted me. he also said "oh the cops might be doing their routine check up later and if they come up, you might have to deal with them. but just let them know i let you stay." haha i was little scared so i turned off all my lights. i ended up using a desk lamp all night haha. ooohh weee. i love these experiences haha. me and my davis incidents. LOL


so i havent really blogged for a LONG time. probably a month or two and i think i got caught up in other things. but blogging kind of helps me grow in my faith. much of the stuff i write about is about my spiritual side and my life within it. just sitting and thinking and blogging allows for that quiet time where i can just reflect on my day and the meaning of it. but i havent been doing that much and my spiritual walk has kind of been at a halt. but im back! lol new year, start fresh. i will try to get back into blogging. so far so good and im really glad to be doing it. praise God for putting me back on track and thanks to all the prayers.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


before i left for Davis, i had my doubts about newstart. we had just gotten a new pastor. things were kind of idk. i jus wasnt feeling it. i prayed about it for the longest time and after coming back from time to time. i really saw a change. more and more ministries were formed. people stepped up for leadership positions and i can really see a growth of the church. really praise Him for that.

after this past break and retreat, i really felt as if our church really got closer to one another and i feel as if i really belong here. we have a great family relationship as well as fellowship brother and sisters in christ relationship. truly a blessing.

best of all, im extremely happy for my college group. i love everyone of them and is glad that i have them to come back to and relate to. thanks guys and much praise to Him.

College Group

Newstart Retreat 09'