Thursday, July 15, 2010


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

always expect the unexpected.

i went from a F to a C- in ECS 30(engineering computer science). the final was pretty easy compared to the midterms but i was only expecting D from my F. i didnt know the material as well as i should. but surprisingly, i got a B on the final and that pushed my grade up to a C-!!

God has been SOOOO good to me this and last quarter here at Davis. i really dont deserve it. i complain and worry about being on AP and losing financial aid, but at the same time, i dont study as i need to or i use my free time on other things. but God has still been GREAT to me. He has shown me mercy. our God is gracious god. He has also shown me that with faith in Him and effort, I can achieve anything. He has helped me financially, emotionally and academically when i needed it the most this quarter. praise Him for that. thank you Lord.

now i really have to step it up next quarter. He really has put me at Davis for a reason. He has helped me overcome my grades and keep me from AP for a reason. I must stop wasting His efforts and put my efforts into it as well. thank you Lord once again. amen

Saturday, March 20, 2010

One and Only

sermon from New Hope Church, Pastor Wayne Cordeiro:

"God is our Lord and Savior."

we often times strive to make Him number one in our lives, but fail to remember that He is our one and ONLY. a lord dictates us and the things we do. that determines whether our day is going to be pleasant or unpleasant. in our lives, we go through situations where we let others become our lord. for example, when we are driving and someone cuts us off, we immediately gets mad and want to retaliate. or when someone else insults you, you really want to just give them those four letter words and do something about it and defend yourself. it is times like these that we let these other people become the lords of our lives. we let what they say and do affect and determine what we will do next. but the reality is that we only have one Lord, our ONE and ONLY God. we have to remember this and just turn away from situations that might cause us to forget who the real Lord is. listen to our Father and He will guide us to the right way.

Friday, March 19, 2010

How Much We Need Him

sometimes when we are feeling down, we fill ourselves with "happy" things like food or video games. i know for me, schools been kinda stressful sometimes and i play COD(Call of Duty) whenever i have free time in between classes. or sometimes i watch TV or my episodes of Leverage or Burn Notice. but how come we never fill that up time with God? how come never spend that quiet time or maybe a time of devo when we are down?

the reason i think is because we live in a world where everything is materialistic and we tend to get caught up in that. THINGS make us happy and sometimes they cause us to turn away and forget that He still exists.

i think i havent realized that until just recently. my grades have been down and finals are looking slim. might be put on Academic Probation. i know i dont deserve to stay b/c ive been wasting my free time doing other things like COD and TV. and the reason for it is b/c i thought of them as a stress reliever, but in reality, that of which i thought has relieved me, hasnt done me much at all. i thought these MATERIAL THINGS will make me happy and relieve the stress, pulling the load off the many difficult classes i have. but NO, that wasnt the case. the reality is that i should of spent that time with God. that time of stress and hardship and tell Him about it and ask Him for help, rather than rely on the X-Box or laptop. im glad i see this now. going to Him and giving him that time is really relieving me of a lot, pulling burdens off me. it IS hard sometimes. but remind ourselves and do our best. i pray that me and every one else dont forget this and will continue to turn to Him as the source of our joy. amen.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

-"Promises are true, but waiting is faulty."

-"Right is right, even if no one is doing it, wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. -St Augustine"

Turning Junk to a Masterpiece

i was listening to a sermon by New Hope. Anthony Evans was sharing his testimony about a mirror he has.

a friend of his was helping him redecorate his room and got his all these new things. it was expensive so he decided to return everything, all but this mirror. so the next day while he was at the store returning things, he goes up to the man who made it and asked how how he did it because he was so amazed by it. the man tells him to look outside. all there was was a shed and a pile of trash. when ever his friends come over now, they always ask about this mirror and now he is able to tell them about a Man that takes junk and turns it to something amazing.

this is how God operates. we all have our struggles in life, we all have our brokenness. but God is about to take all this, all this junk, all this trash, and put it to together and form it into something that is marvelous and amazing.

this is an encouragement because God takes messes and turns them into miracles so we can hang this mirror in the living room of our lives and share with others about this Man that can take junk and turn it into something beautiful.
video @(33:19)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

got this from Gracepoint today, thought it was pretty good:

"We often surround ourselves with the people we most want to live with, thus forming a club or clique, not a community."[...]"it takes grace, shared-vision, and hard work to form a community."-Phillip Yancey

this kind of made me think about our James verse this week, 2:1-13, about favoritism.

but yea, it was a very good service.