Sunday, May 31, 2009

Being TOO Friendly

after an incident, ive been more careful about being friendly to girls. im not saying now, im mean to them, but just not as friendly. especially girls in relationships. b/c their boyfriends might get the wrong idea unless i know i have their trust in me. b/c sometimes when u become friendly, especially in convo, some might see it as "flirting", getting the wrong idea. the main problem i guess is that im scared i might lead them on. not saying im so good that i do that to everyone. i mean ive hurt girls before and ive seen girls get hurt and it really isnt the best experience. i had no intention to do it but i just wasnt ready to have a relationship. so if my intentions arent to have interest in them, should i not worry leading them on and just be myself and be friendly with them?

b/c honestly, being the "mean" guy isnt too fun and it hurts friend relationships. but its the only way to reduce the risk of leading them on. cus isnt it better to have her hate you, than to have her like you first then hate you? this way only one person gets hurt, you and not both, her and you.

after reading FYMO, i think i've found my answer.
thank God for bringing this to me. amen

Monday, May 4, 2009


ok so i feel lately ive been like stopped spiritually. like idk, jsut aint feeling that high no more and the main reason might be b/c im not doing devos or quiet times. but its because of senioritis and cus i have alot to think about. like PROM and AP. like when i get home, senioritis makes me not want to do anything so i go on the computer. next thing u know it, its late and i want to sleep and no time for QT. also i guess maybe b/c im a senior, everything is like coming to an end for me cus im going off to college. so i end ot use this time, replacing God with FUN and hang out with friends. i mean I know God will ALWAYS be there, but friends arent. so is that a good reason save to God for later?