Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fireproof (2008)

my new favorite movie is definitely "Fireproof (2008)". seriously its THAT good.
yes, i cried.....big deal. but seriously its good and meaningful. not b/c its a good love/relationship story. but the spiritual aspect of it is soo great:

so this weak i was struggling with a tough thought, my future. my parents want me to make money, ALOT of money. enough to give them a good retirement. im just sooo scared that im going to ruin this "one time chance" at college. im scared that i wont understand the material and not graduate successfully. so ive been trying to decide on a major that will give me good pay and that isnt too hard. the fact is, i cant know my future and i have to learn to deal with the present and anticipate the future one step at a time. after watching this movie it just gives me that motivation i needed. i have to learn to Trust in God and that he WILL help me fight through the "fires" that come my way. this movie showed that God just does so many amazing things. as long as your faith is in Him, he will do you good. praise such an amazing God.

Good Friday Guys

MUST SEE-I bought the DVD. just ask

"Being fireproof doesn't mean fire can't hurt you. It means that you have the strength to fight against it."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry For Judging

anyways. so coming from my ride back. i was talking to him about faith and stuff like that. it was a good talk. got some good stuff about it. but yea so he mentioned that she often talks to him about these things too on the phone and stuff. and i was pretty surprised and happy at the same time. i love it when i see someone growing in faith. it shows that someone out there is "shining their light" and making a difference. but yea after that car ride going there and back i definitely learned some stuff about faith wise and non-faith wise that i was so wrong about.i so felt bad at the same time because this whole time i judged her based on what i heard and my experiences with hs girls and stuff and stuff. but ived learned my lesson. this sounds like based on this experience, i know what shes about. maybe it is, maybe it isnt, but i wouldn't mind finding out.

yea just wanted to say im sorry and let you know that i did this but didnt mean to. hope no one takes this the wrong way or think too much of it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Friday!

so yesterday was such a GREAT FRIDAY!. day went pretty smoothly and i really enjoyed it. at club, i hosted a game, Peanut Butter Game("borrowed" it from YL haha). yea even though i kinda forgot some stuff at home and the items we used wasnt as good as i wanted, the game went pretty well. everyone went along with it and it was GREAT. after school i had dinner with marc, chris, henry. the two that didn't go out normally, went out with us and it was full of laughter. such a GREAT night to allow us to fellowship with one another.

but there was two moments/things that definitely contributed to the greatness of the day.

thing/moment #1- so during club, one of the people from Eagle News(school news cast), went to our club and asked to interview us. i was interviewed. this was amazing because this shows that people wanted to know about BASIC. and since this was going to be on TV, the whole school got to see it. they helped us inform others about this xlub, maybe Christians that dont know about BASIC, or non-Christians that want to find out. but yea even though i forgot to mention the Room number we were in, i still felt that it was a great moment/thing. (WE're in SHOP 7!!)lol

thing/moment #2- so after dinner, the guys and i went to walgreens. outside was a homeless guy and he asked me for change. i gave him the change i had in my pocket, 15 cents. i was feeling SUPER generous for some reason so i went inside and decided to get him some candy too. got him some Raisinets(good stuff ppl). but when i went outside, he left, and was all the way down the block. i guess he saw me looking for him so he waved back a "thank you". i kinda regret not just introducing myself and maybe have a small conversation, asking his name and such. but its okay, b/c even though i didnt do it that night, it opened my eyes. now i saw what i never noticed before. i mean we walk around everyday, and we see these ppl that are in need, but most of the time they see "invisible" to us. we just aren't looking. now i see it and will think about it everytime im in the streets. i just thank God for bringing this guy forward to me and allowing me to see what i nvr noticed before.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

GREAT Turn Out!

the potluck was a BLAST!! so honestly i had my doubts based on previous experiences with BASIC events and stuff. but today was GREAT beyond words! everything flowed sooo smoothly. dinner, and the game, and then worship. soo good. seriously. i just praise God for such any amazing night. there wasnt any awkwardness. all our fellow Brothers and Sisters just united. even though we go to different schools or live all the way across the city. we are all here for one thing, Christ and that's what unifies us.this is the ONE BODY we were aiming for and with God's help, it came. sometimes i think we worry too much and we just have to calm down and let Him take control. "Trust in the Lord and do good"- Psalm 37:3 . i say that a lot and i try to make that my motto, but sometimes its hard. but tonight definitely opened my eyes for me. this made my night. SUPER psyched for the coming up events. THANKS EVERYONE FOR COMING AND SUPPORT AND HELP!