Wednesday, October 28, 2009

such a GREAT day today!

class was cancelled so i didnt have class for the whole day. i got a extra ticket for stacy.(thanks alex!) and tonight we all get to go to the KabaModern, David Choi and all the other cool ppl concert!

even tho class was cancelled, i feel like it was all on purpose. ive been needind time to catch up on hw and stuff and i feel that God blessed me with this time for me to do that. thank you God. Praise Him!!!

God works in miraculous ways so always expect the unexpected and know that He will always do you good.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


people say i argue a lot. and i guess they are right, kinda. i think of it as disagreeing. but sometimes my voice sounds mad and its considered as "arguing". so i dont blame them for saying so.

but my arguing is good and bad. its bad in a sense that its unpleasant to hear and that it can cause a small issue to be bigger b/c the other person gets mad too. but its good in the sense that it "corrects" misinformation.

i personally dont think people just "argue" for fun. they argue b/c they are put in a position where they feel like they should. people sometimes say things that offend others. thats why they talk back so they can defend themselves and no longer have to be the inferior one. this is natural. sometimes even the smallest things that ppl might not expect to be offensive, can be. other times like when misinformation is said, i personally, like to correct it. and i know sometimes it can get irritating but idk. i just feel like misinformation can lead to bad things. and worst of all, false judgements. but i guess sometimes we just have to let things go just to avoid a argument. or maybe change the tone voice so it doesnt get so aggressive.

the worst thing i dont like is that sometimes in a situation, people misinterpret things and the person that did the action, gets accused negatively and dont get the opportunity to explain himself. i feel thats unfair, having to be the victim just
b/c of a misunderstanding. but sometimes letting things go is the better way out.

i say the best thing to do is be very careful of how and what u say. i personally am the type of person that is very precise and exact with my word choice. liek if two words have a same meaning but one has a more appropriate connotation, i would use that word. but most ppl dont usually dont think like that so thats how i get into arguments b.c i criticize their word choice. yea i do apologize when situations like these, argument times, i forget and i make things bad. but yeaa. yea above all this, remember God and think of Him. forgiveness, compassion, kindness. stay happy :]

Thursday, October 15, 2009


today in Asian American Psychology we took a "love survey". this is my result. im a Agape.

- Agape is the most rare of the love styles.
- The Agapic lover is the closest thing the romantic world
has to a saint. Agape focuses on the partner’s welfare and is
selfless and giving.
- The Agapic lover forms a relationship because of what he
or she may be able to do for the partner, instead of what the
partner can provide. Sensual concerns are not relevant to
this idealistic lover, who places a higher value on
- In a rainstorm, the Agape lover would give you his or her

me? :]

Slowing Down

today i walked for the first time to class. it rained yesterday so the ground was still wet and i didnt have a fender on my bike. it gets on your back. but yea walking was nice and not as bad as people say it is. i actually like it more. its nice and calm and lets me see things. nature, people, squirrels. lets me think about things. wish i had a camera, going to save up for one

sometimes i feel like life is in a constant rush. like its very "fast paced". like we do things, but we never really have time to think or reflect on it. never get the opportunity to value it you know. get what im saying. but moments like walking or like just "slowing down" allows for that. i guess reading Praise Habits by david crowder kind of relates to this. this "slowing down" and reflection reminds me that "Every second is an opportunity for praise."- david crowder

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Fun Theory

things like these makes me want me go out and make the world a better place :]


AACF bible study.

In what ways is our faith similar to gold?

Gold is shiny and bright on the outside. When we place it in the fire, all the impurities burn away and all we're left with is the pure gold itself. Our faith is like gold. We might have gold like faith and look great on the outside. But true faith is tested when God puts us in the fire of trials and in the end, all our impurities will burn away and what is left is our true faith. If we didn't have any "pure gold" or true faith to begin with, then we are left with nothing.

Sometimes when I'm faced with hard times, the trials of life, I tend to complain or lose hope and forget that God is there and that what He is doing is for the good in the bigger picture. But afterward, when I reflect back, I just remember all the past times that He has done me good and help me get through tough times. I just have to remember that I have faith and not lose it whenever something hard comes along. Because forgetting can cause us to make wrong decisions and create more dilemmas.

"Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, 9for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls. -1 Peter 1:8-9"

Monday, October 12, 2009

1 Corinthians 13:4

must faith in it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sigh..... got thoughts and stuff that i want _ to know. but cant really say. if only i knew.... then maybe. but its goood right now :] should i hope for better?

Friday, October 9, 2009

"perfect love cast out no fears"

today we went to EPIC fellowship. the worship was kinda soft, but the speaker was BOMB!(thats what ppl use in so cal :])

he talked about love. he said "people show love to the degree of how they experienced it". they love the only way they experienced love themselves. and this made me think about Asian parents or maybe not so much Asian but like my parents. my parents arent christian and they never really this type of God's love from fellow brothers and sisters of christ. they always tell me they do the things they do b.c they love me. and i guess when i was young i nvr really understood this and nvr believed that it was out of love. things like i should sleep early or i have to wear a helmet when riding bikes. i nvr use to understand why they did what they did. i just thought they were mean. to them this was "love", but to me i wanted more of intimacy between us. but now i realize, that its not their fault. this was how they were loved as kids and they are loving the way they know love as.

another point he made was that "trying hard to love someone isnt love at all". the bible tells us to love our enemies. but trying to love them isnt really loving them. we are just putting in effort to meet a "standard" in which we consider as love. but the only real way is to experience love, this perfect love of God's and only then can we really love someone. this way we have experience to give from.

"perfect love cast out no fears"
-we two people love each other, they shouldnt have any fear of telling one another something. they should be very honest and have that confidence in one another.

great night at EPIC.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Every second is an opportunity for praise." -David Crowder, Praise Habits