Monday, May 4, 2009


ok so i feel lately ive been like stopped spiritually. like idk, jsut aint feeling that high no more and the main reason might be b/c im not doing devos or quiet times. but its because of senioritis and cus i have alot to think about. like PROM and AP. like when i get home, senioritis makes me not want to do anything so i go on the computer. next thing u know it, its late and i want to sleep and no time for QT. also i guess maybe b/c im a senior, everything is like coming to an end for me cus im going off to college. so i end ot use this time, replacing God with FUN and hang out with friends. i mean I know God will ALWAYS be there, but friends arent. so is that a good reason save to God for later?

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