Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Confidence and Laziness

man. i think im at the point where im getting confidence and laziness mixed up. its like i dont do things cus i am "confident" that i am capable of doing fine at the state of where i am now. but thats not the right attitude. like for calc, ive taken BC already so basically everything im learning i already learned. b/c i tell myself this, i tend to not study as hard and i forget the little things and i end up doing bad on the tests. but now i realize that this mentality is really going to hurt me and i HAVE TO change my attitude before its too late.

i have to remember that God blessed me by putting me into college and allowing me to study. its $30000 a year and He has made it possible for me to put up with it. i must glorify Him and take advantage of Davis and not just throw it down the drain. i just pray that i over come the state that i am at now and not fail my first quarter. please pray for me. also pray that after i overcome this, i will remain disciplined to continue to glorify Him through hard work and not just work hard through the toughest of times.

thanks joy for reminding me of this and putting it in perspective. seeing her so disciplined kind of pushes me to be the same.

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