Saturday, February 27, 2010


dormal was aite. the DJ was kinda whack. not all too great but overall i think it was alright. its good for what the moneys worth. was only 5 dollars so yea lol. cant believe some people were like "its way better than high school" haha definite no. but i think it was more mature than high school. in high school, ERRbody be tryna...............yea. lol but yea. had some disappointments at dance. didnt really expect some things from some people, dance-wise. i knew what i was gonna expect at dormal before hand but didnt really expect from some ppl. that was the reason why i didnt wanna go kinda cus didnt wanna be exposed to that kind of stuff but yea. i would say it was more mature than hs. dont really know how to handle this situation, something to pray about. things did can be justified both ways whether appropriate or not in terms of opinion. but idk, the ultimate answer, might be no. but its not for me to say. dont know if i should address the issue or was it really no biggie? idk. maybe i should let it go. idk. guess the only thing i can do is pray about it. maybe sometimes accountability does involve going out of the boundary and talking about what seems uncomfortable. idk. but yeaa. overall Dormal was good. those that didnt go, didnt miss much. lol these are my thoughts but im not trippin over it, yea we shouldnt judge. :]

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