Monday, August 31, 2009

Finish Last

today CTBC had a musical called Finish Last. it was GREAT!!! seriously, excellent acting/singing/choreograpy. and the story line was great too. sooo enjoyable. the musical talked about four main people. a Berkeley girl, a Shoe Beast, a YouTube Vlogger, and a New Christian girl. the berkeley girl, she had her who life set on berkeley, but then finds out frm a phone call her dad lost his job and they couldnt afford the school. the shoe beast, he had his eye on these pairs of shoes, KaBooms, and even used his friend, making her go through a crazy line, just to get his shoes for him. the youtube girl, she orginally had her purposed all mixed up. got too into the "fame" and being famous with her vlogs. but then she realized that she wanted to do this for God. the christian girl, she thought that going on a missions trip was "for God" but she realized that God wanted her at home to help her hardworking mother watch her brothers.

we live in a society where being FIRST is made to be seen as the most important. we do all we can to try and be at the TOP. whether its fame, popularity, education. but God tells us differently. He teaches us to "finish last" and humble ourselves and trust in God for in His eyes, we are all First if we focus more on Him and less on how we are seen in our society. fame, popularity, wealth; with these things we feel sooo UP THERE that we tend to think it last forever. but it is all temporary and can disappear anytime. God is eternal and forever and He tells forget this "temporary satisfaction" and look at the BIGGER PICTURE and the good that He will provide for us on our eternal life with Him.

this made me think about me life and my situation. school and my family. my future and how my career will come out. i think about this often. whether I will get a good job, a well paying job that will support my family and allow my parents to enjoy the rest of their lives stress-free. but what if a well-paying job isnt in God's plan for me. even if it isnt, its okay. i know i have God in my life and i know that if i trust in Him, He will provide for me the BIG PICTURE that will be great for both me and my family. not saying this will be easy, b/c honestly, the temporary stress that is involved is sometimes hard to bare. but slowly im becoming more immune to the worries and my Trust is greater. knowing that He is there and will always be there for me gives me peace. praise God.

"Life is good, but eternal life is better."

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