Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grand Torino

Grand Torino(2008) was a good movie. no lie. probably one of my favorites. its about a Korean War vet that lives in a community full of Hmong people. one day he comes across a boy, Thao Vang Lor, his neighbor, trying to steal his prized car, the Grand Torino as a gang intiation. he gets caught and runs away. later he ends up following under Walt Kowalski and he teaches him how to man up and gives him hope for a future. the ending was very good, he sacrifices his life to lock the gang up and give the community some peace. this movie was kind of a mix between christianity and real life but in a indirect way. what i took from it is that often times when we are faced with BAD situations where we become extremely angry, we tend to immediately want REVENGE and think that is the answer. but during these times is when we really need to just calm down and think and take the non-violent approach. this movie really depicts that scenario well. highly recommend it.

you can watch it here:

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