Friday, March 27, 2009

Fireproof (2008)

my new favorite movie is definitely "Fireproof (2008)". seriously its THAT good.
yes, i cried.....big deal. but seriously its good and meaningful. not b/c its a good love/relationship story. but the spiritual aspect of it is soo great:

so this weak i was struggling with a tough thought, my future. my parents want me to make money, ALOT of money. enough to give them a good retirement. im just sooo scared that im going to ruin this "one time chance" at college. im scared that i wont understand the material and not graduate successfully. so ive been trying to decide on a major that will give me good pay and that isnt too hard. the fact is, i cant know my future and i have to learn to deal with the present and anticipate the future one step at a time. after watching this movie it just gives me that motivation i needed. i have to learn to Trust in God and that he WILL help me fight through the "fires" that come my way. this movie showed that God just does so many amazing things. as long as your faith is in Him, he will do you good. praise such an amazing God.

Good Friday Guys

MUST SEE-I bought the DVD. just ask

"Being fireproof doesn't mean fire can't hurt you. It means that you have the strength to fight against it."

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  1. ooOo i like ! "trust in GOD that he'll help me fight through fires" very nice.keep growing !love this movie too !:)