Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry For Judging

anyways. so coming from my ride back. i was talking to him about faith and stuff like that. it was a good talk. got some good stuff about it. but yea so he mentioned that she often talks to him about these things too on the phone and stuff. and i was pretty surprised and happy at the same time. i love it when i see someone growing in faith. it shows that someone out there is "shining their light" and making a difference. but yea after that car ride going there and back i definitely learned some stuff about faith wise and non-faith wise that i was so wrong about.i so felt bad at the same time because this whole time i judged her based on what i heard and my experiences with hs girls and stuff and stuff. but ived learned my lesson. this sounds like based on this experience, i know what shes about. maybe it is, maybe it isnt, but i wouldn't mind finding out.

yea just wanted to say im sorry and let you know that i did this but didnt mean to. hope no one takes this the wrong way or think too much of it.

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