Sunday, March 1, 2009

GREAT Turn Out!

the potluck was a BLAST!! so honestly i had my doubts based on previous experiences with BASIC events and stuff. but today was GREAT beyond words! everything flowed sooo smoothly. dinner, and the game, and then worship. soo good. seriously. i just praise God for such any amazing night. there wasnt any awkwardness. all our fellow Brothers and Sisters just united. even though we go to different schools or live all the way across the city. we are all here for one thing, Christ and that's what unifies us.this is the ONE BODY we were aiming for and with God's help, it came. sometimes i think we worry too much and we just have to calm down and let Him take control. "Trust in the Lord and do good"- Psalm 37:3 . i say that a lot and i try to make that my motto, but sometimes its hard. but tonight definitely opened my eyes for me. this made my night. SUPER psyched for the coming up events. THANKS EVERYONE FOR COMING AND SUPPORT AND HELP!

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