Thursday, March 25, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

always expect the unexpected.

i went from a F to a C- in ECS 30(engineering computer science). the final was pretty easy compared to the midterms but i was only expecting D from my F. i didnt know the material as well as i should. but surprisingly, i got a B on the final and that pushed my grade up to a C-!!

God has been SOOOO good to me this and last quarter here at Davis. i really dont deserve it. i complain and worry about being on AP and losing financial aid, but at the same time, i dont study as i need to or i use my free time on other things. but God has still been GREAT to me. He has shown me mercy. our God is gracious god. He has also shown me that with faith in Him and effort, I can achieve anything. He has helped me financially, emotionally and academically when i needed it the most this quarter. praise Him for that. thank you Lord.

now i really have to step it up next quarter. He really has put me at Davis for a reason. He has helped me overcome my grades and keep me from AP for a reason. I must stop wasting His efforts and put my efforts into it as well. thank you Lord once again. amen

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  1. awww expect the unexpected ! we just talked about this !:) have a good ending of the first school year jon !!:) -brianna