Friday, March 19, 2010

How Much We Need Him

sometimes when we are feeling down, we fill ourselves with "happy" things like food or video games. i know for me, schools been kinda stressful sometimes and i play COD(Call of Duty) whenever i have free time in between classes. or sometimes i watch TV or my episodes of Leverage or Burn Notice. but how come we never fill that up time with God? how come never spend that quiet time or maybe a time of devo when we are down?

the reason i think is because we live in a world where everything is materialistic and we tend to get caught up in that. THINGS make us happy and sometimes they cause us to turn away and forget that He still exists.

i think i havent realized that until just recently. my grades have been down and finals are looking slim. might be put on Academic Probation. i know i dont deserve to stay b/c ive been wasting my free time doing other things like COD and TV. and the reason for it is b/c i thought of them as a stress reliever, but in reality, that of which i thought has relieved me, hasnt done me much at all. i thought these MATERIAL THINGS will make me happy and relieve the stress, pulling the load off the many difficult classes i have. but NO, that wasnt the case. the reality is that i should of spent that time with God. that time of stress and hardship and tell Him about it and ask Him for help, rather than rely on the X-Box or laptop. im glad i see this now. going to Him and giving him that time is really relieving me of a lot, pulling burdens off me. it IS hard sometimes. but remind ourselves and do our best. i pray that me and every one else dont forget this and will continue to turn to Him as the source of our joy. amen.

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  1. i feel ya breh :/

    i've learned that a good stress reliever is devos no matter how lazy u are to do them :)