Saturday, March 20, 2010

One and Only

sermon from New Hope Church, Pastor Wayne Cordeiro:

"God is our Lord and Savior."

we often times strive to make Him number one in our lives, but fail to remember that He is our one and ONLY. a lord dictates us and the things we do. that determines whether our day is going to be pleasant or unpleasant. in our lives, we go through situations where we let others become our lord. for example, when we are driving and someone cuts us off, we immediately gets mad and want to retaliate. or when someone else insults you, you really want to just give them those four letter words and do something about it and defend yourself. it is times like these that we let these other people become the lords of our lives. we let what they say and do affect and determine what we will do next. but the reality is that we only have one Lord, our ONE and ONLY God. we have to remember this and just turn away from situations that might cause us to forget who the real Lord is. listen to our Father and He will guide us to the right way.

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