Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turning Junk to a Masterpiece

i was listening to a sermon by New Hope. Anthony Evans was sharing his testimony about a mirror he has.

a friend of his was helping him redecorate his room and got his all these new things. it was expensive so he decided to return everything, all but this mirror. so the next day while he was at the store returning things, he goes up to the man who made it and asked how how he did it because he was so amazed by it. the man tells him to look outside. all there was was a shed and a pile of trash. when ever his friends come over now, they always ask about this mirror and now he is able to tell them about a Man that takes junk and turns it to something amazing.

this is how God operates. we all have our struggles in life, we all have our brokenness. but God is about to take all this, all this junk, all this trash, and put it to together and form it into something that is marvelous and amazing.

this is an encouragement because God takes messes and turns them into miracles so we can hang this mirror in the living room of our lives and share with others about this Man that can take junk and turn it into something beautiful.

video @(33:19)

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