Sunday, February 22, 2009

Over Thinking

(wow i havent written in a while. lol o well.)

anyways so yea, i guess tend to over think alot. and personally i know it myself. but i guess it's when other ppl tell you it, thats when you really like "notice" it haha. but yea i dont why i do it. maybe because i care too much about other things? or i want to know like every factor of everything so i have the situation under control? idk. but any who. it can be good and bad. sometimes it makes me miserable because i worry about things that arent that serious. it gets me assuming things that isnt as bad as it seems. like over reacting i guess, but mentally. but other times, its good! cus it helps me plan things, taking EVERYTHING into account and that makes things good. also, it makes me quite observant. i "see" alot that others dont notice, or they notice but dont happen to think about. but yea. i guess pray for me that i will only take advantage of the "good" in my overthinking and not stress too much about the "bad" of it.

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