Thursday, February 26, 2009


so today i didnt go to school. im kinda HARD huh? haha jk. no, i woke up and i was feeling hecka dizzy, like drowsy. nausea or something. but yea. so i told my mom and she let me stay home. now i missed three tests.........o well. :] what a waste of a day though. its short B schedule so i get out at 12:41. could have played basketball, could have practiced guitar with wendy, could have experienced sun shine for once this week! man. but yea i slept almost all day. but i had some pretty cool dreams. two dreams.

DREAM ONE - i was like leaving my aunts house or something and i accidently broke her FAVORITE lamp. then i was in a car driving. for some reason i was speeding and a cop pulled me over, his lights werent flashing though. i was kinda scared so i fled away and totaled the car. that was it. my life would have been over if this really happend to me haha imagine what my parents would do. then i woke up

DREAM TWO - it was kinda cooler haha. so like for some reason we knew a flood or something was coming at like 8:30. so we had to get on our friends boat to be safe. like a big boat. like a yacht. so we decided to go to a super market to stock up on stuff. like a safeway. so everyone was in charge of a different aisle, to get food. so for some reason everyone was taking it all chill. all slow and just chatting as they go. i was the only rushing and i was rushing eveyrone. so we were almost out of time. then finally time was up. but for some reason no flood came. then i woke up haha

after i woke up i got some text. then had lunch, watchign Leverage all day haha good stuff!

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