Tuesday, February 3, 2009


yesterday at service. "donna". haha jk. donnabel talked about how we always aim to be FIRST and ON TOP when maybe we should try to be humble. her example was golf, the only sport we try to get the LEAST pars in. so asked us how or what we could do at school to help out. or something like that. i forgot the specifics. shame on me. but anyways the point is that one of the things she mentioned was reaching out to the "underdogs" like Jesus did. all the people He approached werent the TOP OF THE LINE ppl. it was the ppl on the bottom, the outcast. so she suggested maybe at school, there might be the "nerds" or the ppl that no one talk to. we should try to approach and invite them in. so i thought about this, at wash we dont have those kinds. everyone has someone to talk to right. in majority it is true. but then today i realized something else. one of our close friends IS in that situation kind of. even though we known him all our lives, i feel that sometimes we exclude him, not purposely but the topics jus dont relate to him. even though it isnt as severe as some of the other ppl out there or the ones Jesus approached, its still a SOMEONE. hes our friend and we should watch each other's back. so praise God that i noticed this. will be making effort to include him. :]

such a GREAT night today. i think i got my answer to my prayers. :]

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  1. aww wow i wrote about the same thing. almost hahaha!