Friday, October 9, 2009

"perfect love cast out no fears"

today we went to EPIC fellowship. the worship was kinda soft, but the speaker was BOMB!(thats what ppl use in so cal :])

he talked about love. he said "people show love to the degree of how they experienced it". they love the only way they experienced love themselves. and this made me think about Asian parents or maybe not so much Asian but like my parents. my parents arent christian and they never really this type of God's love from fellow brothers and sisters of christ. they always tell me they do the things they do b.c they love me. and i guess when i was young i nvr really understood this and nvr believed that it was out of love. things like i should sleep early or i have to wear a helmet when riding bikes. i nvr use to understand why they did what they did. i just thought they were mean. to them this was "love", but to me i wanted more of intimacy between us. but now i realize, that its not their fault. this was how they were loved as kids and they are loving the way they know love as.

another point he made was that "trying hard to love someone isnt love at all". the bible tells us to love our enemies. but trying to love them isnt really loving them. we are just putting in effort to meet a "standard" in which we consider as love. but the only real way is to experience love, this perfect love of God's and only then can we really love someone. this way we have experience to give from.

"perfect love cast out no fears"
-we two people love each other, they shouldnt have any fear of telling one another something. they should be very honest and have that confidence in one another.

great night at EPIC.

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