Sunday, October 18, 2009


people say i argue a lot. and i guess they are right, kinda. i think of it as disagreeing. but sometimes my voice sounds mad and its considered as "arguing". so i dont blame them for saying so.

but my arguing is good and bad. its bad in a sense that its unpleasant to hear and that it can cause a small issue to be bigger b/c the other person gets mad too. but its good in the sense that it "corrects" misinformation.

i personally dont think people just "argue" for fun. they argue b/c they are put in a position where they feel like they should. people sometimes say things that offend others. thats why they talk back so they can defend themselves and no longer have to be the inferior one. this is natural. sometimes even the smallest things that ppl might not expect to be offensive, can be. other times like when misinformation is said, i personally, like to correct it. and i know sometimes it can get irritating but idk. i just feel like misinformation can lead to bad things. and worst of all, false judgements. but i guess sometimes we just have to let things go just to avoid a argument. or maybe change the tone voice so it doesnt get so aggressive.

the worst thing i dont like is that sometimes in a situation, people misinterpret things and the person that did the action, gets accused negatively and dont get the opportunity to explain himself. i feel thats unfair, having to be the victim just
b/c of a misunderstanding. but sometimes letting things go is the better way out.

i say the best thing to do is be very careful of how and what u say. i personally am the type of person that is very precise and exact with my word choice. liek if two words have a same meaning but one has a more appropriate connotation, i would use that word. but most ppl dont usually dont think like that so thats how i get into arguments b.c i criticize their word choice. yea i do apologize when situations like these, argument times, i forget and i make things bad. but yeaa. yea above all this, remember God and think of Him. forgiveness, compassion, kindness. stay happy :]

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