Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slowing Down

today i walked for the first time to class. it rained yesterday so the ground was still wet and i didnt have a fender on my bike. it gets on your back. but yea walking was nice and not as bad as people say it is. i actually like it more. its nice and calm and lets me see things. nature, people, squirrels. lets me think about things. wish i had a camera, going to save up for one

sometimes i feel like life is in a constant rush. like its very "fast paced". like we do things, but we never really have time to think or reflect on it. never get the opportunity to value it you know. get what im saying. but moments like walking or like just "slowing down" allows for that. i guess reading Praise Habits by david crowder kind of relates to this. this "slowing down" and reflection reminds me that "Every second is an opportunity for praise."- david crowder

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