Friday, January 30, 2009


after talking to bobo, i came to realize some conclusions.
ok so it starts with a CRUSH, then leads into DEVELOPMENT/RELATIONSHIP, then eventually to LOVE. course in between there are like obstacles and boost and things like that that brings it up and down. But the main question ppl ask is "Why do you like HER?". me personally, and along with some other guys i know can't ever really answer that question. i mean we can answer WHAT we like about her. her looks, personality, style of clothing, maybe even faith. but there are alot of other girls with the same traits, so why specifically HER. i could nvr answer that and i nvr knew why. until now

conclusion: so this is what i came up with. there are probably more factors to this or even more conclusions but this is one conclusion i thought up with. so i believe the answer to this "WHY-question" lies in stage 3, the LOVE part. and most ppl ask this question when they are only on the crush part or relationship part. so they just are deep enough with one another to answer that question. i believe once you reach LOVE, you will be able to answer it.

ME:so ive been trying to figure my situation out and i think i kinda got it. i think i am too hard on myself. like i nvr want to actually "confirm" i like someone because i might end up changing my feelings. when you "like" someone, it is usually a crush. and reality is crushes do eventually fade if you dont act on it or nothing is acted on it. like if there's no communication going. if u dont see them or talk to them. so if say i "like" them, the crush might end up fading and people might not know so they assume you still like them and they usually automatically determine "your crush" as yours even though you might have moved on. this means if you do end up for a new target, the "player" label is put on you.i guess that's what im scared of? that i cant move on because what others assume to be yours. i guesss thats it. i want serious long term, not "high school dating". hahah maybe thats its. well thanks bobo for getting thinking. :]

"Some people say it is better to have loved and lost it, then to never have loved at all. But if it was really love, would you have let yourself lose it?"


  1. Aww Jon. I love reading your blogs =D So deeeep. It gets me thinking too. We need to catch up soon. Text/IM me!

  2. aww jonathan. i lied. i said i'd read it earlier but i didnt. i just read it&no problem for helping you think about these things! always will be here as a SIC! (sister in christ) haha