Sunday, July 5, 2009


good sermon today

the three C's

Choice- making choices in life is a big deal. sometimes we need to find out and live for what God wants for us. it might be hard cus some of us listen to our parents. but sometimes what they want isnt what God wants and we need to trust that God's way is the better way. i kinda struggle with that slightly in terms of my future and what i should do. but im slowly starting to trust.

Cornerstone- a "cornerstone" is that one perfect stone that sets the foundation for a building. what's our cornerstone in life. Jesus Christ is that perfect cornerstone that we should build our life on. we have to be willing to do that.

Community-our community and the people in and around it. they play a huge role in our lives. our decisions, how they help us and how we help them.

these are the things that makes us SOLID.

-hard to say but reality is everything can disappear anytime, sometimes even our parents. the one and only solid thing is Jesus.He's ALWAYS here for you. learn to Trust

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