Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King Tut

got some staff tickets and saw king tut with my mom. it was nice, date with my mother. hehe

yea overall it was sick i guess. cool special effects at the beginning. gave u a feeling of being in an actual tomb. but yea some of the pieces were repetitive. and wished there was some dead bodies there haha in the coffins. if only i knew more info, then the exhibit would of be HECKA interesting.

sadly i wasnt allow take pics. wanted to show u cus you couldnt come. i was thinking of taking them any ways and pretend like i didnt know but yea didnt wanna get in trouble. o well.

got this off google. i liked this piece the most. its a board game, different game on each side and had a little draw to put the pieces away. sick.

me and my moms. my hat is messed up but i wanted a pic with my moms. :]

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