Sunday, July 26, 2009


morning was good. went to cornerstone. worship was a little different frm ours. but it was all good. REALLY liked their sunday school. i think im going to check out cornerstone more often.

was kinda irritated after service. i think it was partly b/c of the super long sermon. was sleepy to begin with and then became restless. but also a little bit due to the fact of being asked to play for worship. i dont like it when im "forced" to play. it comes across as if i HAVE TO play b/c they are short ppl or tired of doing it. i know they dont mean it like that and i really dont blame them or hold grudges. but idk. im really not that good. i might do fine if i practice but personally idk if i can commit time to practice. at least not at the moment. i dont feel as if im called to play. i orginally took on guitar as a stress reliever. but yea.

havent really been "on track" lately. feel kinda spiritually dead or at a halt. maybe cus im not feeling that high i want. maybe BAAYF and Young Adult Retreat will hehlp. but those "retreat highs" dont last forever and i know that. i guess i feel that things at nsm are too......routine. i want more out of it. like jeffrey said, not spiritually challenging i guess.

"We should forgive because we were forgiven."-cornerstone sermon

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