Friday, July 3, 2009

real talk

so ive been having doubts. how can this be? so good, so fast? ive been questioning it and its been messing with me, getting me lost. but this whole time ive been forgetting one important thing. TRUST. God has a plan. and i have to remember to trust in that plan. "Trust in the Lord and do good." -Psalm 37:3 i mean things dont happen for no reason. God knows what hes doing even if we dont. i was placed with this in my life for a reason. i shouldnt have doubts. i should be living it out and trust that what ever happens happens for a good reason and God is in control of the good. He would nvr harm us. idk i guess its hard when we as humans tend to want to know the outcomes and want that certainty. we dont want those "risk and struggles" but life isnt about knowing your future, its about living for it and having that faith and trust. i just need to realize and remember this

glad i had this talk. thanks jim.

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