Friday, July 31, 2009


blogs are in a sense, ppl's personal diaries so bloggers tend to sometimes write about their thoughts and feelings. its a place where ppl can vent out to someone w/o actually talking to someone. gets things off our chests. a lot of times, ppl that read blogs think what they read is all the blogger is about. but blogs are public so evn tho some things seem personal, their inner MOST personal thoughts might not be written out. so when we read blogs and we read about thoughts and situations. we shouldnt act on them immediately. what we read on blogs should be secondary and its just for us to know but not necessarily act on. we cant always "assume" that the blogger is talking about what we are thinking about just because it matches the description in our head. you never know, it might just not be who or what we're thinking about. most of the time, blogs are figurative.

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