Wednesday, January 20, 2010


we just came back from a retreat with my fellowship AACF. the theme was "Satisfy". the speaker was Pastor Jason Kim. he was a cool guy, driving a sports car, dressing all G and very outgoing with his messages. he said a lot of things but only some were main points that stuck with me.

SATISFY - people always try to get more and more to satisfy themselves

being christian, we have a lot things we do. like bible study, church, devos, etc. but at some point these things turn somewhat into routine. sometimes we dont want to do them but we do them anyways because we feel guilty for not doing them. we feel like we have to. other times we do things to put on an image. to look "Christian" in front of others b/c we are scared to be criticized or to be viewed a certain way. it is at this point that we start "Doing Christian stuff without Christ.". we forget why we do things we do and act the way we act anymore. it is all for ourselves and not for the glory of God. we try to satisfy ourselves rather than look to Him for satisfaction. this is what we fail to see sometimes.

"Being a good Christian is not about the image, but about the thirst."

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