Saturday, January 30, 2010

James Study

so today was the officially the day we started james study! and it was GREAT!! definitely the highlight of my day!. we read james 1:1-12. went over verse by verse. it was good! i got more and a lot out of it. my bad on my part a little bit, but i was asking the most questions and talking the most haha. i guess its some what good. but wished others might ask more maybe lol yeaa. but overall it was great!!

the thing i was even more happy about was one of my prayers got somewhat answered. before, from the past, i had experiences at like christian club when i get too like in control. like personally i dont like things being i guess not my way. maybe selfish on my part. kind of had to do with my childhood and how i was raised cus i tend to be very independent so it was hard for me to i guess trust others. but yea i get like anal about things like not working a certain way cus im scared other ways arent gonna turn out good. but thats one of the things ive been praying about. and today, God really helped me with that. i was able to realize that I was about to be controlling and hold myself back. and b/c things worked out fine and GREAT as a matter of fact. so praise goes to God for that. such a good day.

cant wait for next week!!!

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