Saturday, January 2, 2010


before i left for Davis, i had my doubts about newstart. we had just gotten a new pastor. things were kind of idk. i jus wasnt feeling it. i prayed about it for the longest time and after coming back from time to time. i really saw a change. more and more ministries were formed. people stepped up for leadership positions and i can really see a growth of the church. really praise Him for that.

after this past break and retreat, i really felt as if our church really got closer to one another and i feel as if i really belong here. we have a great family relationship as well as fellowship brother and sisters in christ relationship. truly a blessing.

best of all, im extremely happy for my college group. i love everyone of them and is glad that i have them to come back to and relate to. thanks guys and much praise to Him.

College Group

Newstart Retreat 09'

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