Sunday, January 3, 2010

Locked Out

apparently we arent suppose to be back in our dorms until sunday at noon. not knowing, i decided to come back on saturday at night, hopping to settle in before school started. our ID cards wasnt suppose to work so we couldnt get into the building. but for some reason mines did. haha skills! i thought it was weird that ALL the lights of the dorms were closed and no one was here. anyways, half an hour later, one of the housing people knocked on my door and told me i wasnt suppose to be here and asked me if i had any where else to go. after saying no, he decided to let me stay. so nice. i thank him for that. he said it was an honest mistake. glad the trusted me. he also said "oh the cops might be doing their routine check up later and if they come up, you might have to deal with them. but just let them know i let you stay." haha i was little scared so i turned off all my lights. i ended up using a desk lamp all night haha. ooohh weee. i love these experiences haha. me and my davis incidents. LOL

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