Sunday, January 10, 2010

Small Group

yay! so we finally came together and had our meeting about the small group that i wanted to start with a bunch of our friends. there is six of us and we'll be studying the book of James. we have partners leading each week. and we take turns. im super excited.

the main reason why i wanted to do it was that i felt that i wasnt reading the bible enough. i want the knowledge but my lazy butt cant read. so hopefully this small group will help me grow in knowledge and spirituality. also with leadership and experience leading a bible study.

we picked groups today. three groups, one boy one girl in each. they said it was "fate" for the partners, but idk. i kinda hope not. i was hoping to be partners with __, but i wasnt. i guess this is God's way of telling me, its not the right time or thats not the way to go. it will help me keep my focus on the right things and not get distracted for with the wrong reasons. i just have to have faith in Him and trust that He is doing me good.

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