Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back To Old Ways

Man, i think i might be going back to my old ways/habits in terms of at home. i made a new goal this year, even though it isn't listed in my aim profile(i guess i will to remind myself) to stop yelling at my parents. i mean i dont really yell AT them, like i respond to them by yelling and its not because im mad or anything. it's just due to lack of sleep i guess. i procrasinate and end up sleeping late to finish hw, then wake up early. getting only like 5-6 hours of sleep which is way not enough. and b/c of it i get irritated and then whenever like my parents try talking to me i get MEAN. not good.

its also killing the relationship with God. b/c of the lack of sleep, i crunch my time to do hw. so basically HW is coming first. i play, then do hw, then sleep and got no in between time to bible study or even think deeply. sometimes i do try praying before bed. but sometimes i get too tired to finish the prayer and end up not wanting to do it. church and fellowship are the only times when im actually more motivated. but even then, the sleep catches up and i sometimes blank out at sunday school. NOT GOOD! boo me haha. i gotta stop procrasinating and get some beauty sleep.

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