Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today in Sunday school we talked about God's control. basically it was the topic of "predestination" that we had at the baayf seminar. about like how God has a will and what ever we do is part of his will. and what about free will and stuff like that. i remember this topic was filled with on going questions and the speaker at baayf answered it with the same answer: "it's his will and part of his hidden will" something like that. it doesn't really make sense but in a deep way it does make sense. it's one of those things that aren't explanable but you just have to get. and its good that its unexplanable because God works in miraculous ways and sometimes we just dont get it for He IS the Almighty God. but i love these kinds of topics. there are always soo many questions and not necessarily enough answers and it keeps people thinking and thinking. the discussion goes on and on and the interest becomes greater and greater. if we had all the time in the world, it would go on forever. i just love how it challenges us to think more. its kinda of learnign and fellowshiipping at the same time. so great :]

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  1. oh so this is what i missed during sunday school. i was too sick to go.. but i read some of your stuff and it really gets me thinking. oh&that chair is crazy! hahaha(: