Tuesday, January 20, 2009


With it being a new year, i pray that newstart will continue to grow. i feel that right now the activity is slowly wearing out. like right after retreat, everyone was still gung-ho from the retreat. and i really liked how uncle jack did those weekly sharings and things like that during service. and all those new bible studies that everyone is trying to start. it really does remind us of donnabel's "Step It Up" motto. but one thing i really liked is how andrew, last sunday, mentioned how we keep out faith too comfortable. we tend to grow only with what is comfortable but we never take that risk and do something out of our comfort zone. and that is totally understandable. we dont know the outcome and its just hard to do. change is hard. a great example would be like when we see kids raise up their hands during worship. you see people doing it and you say to yourself should i do it? or i want to but i cant really because once people see the difference, they start making comments and i think this is what we need to pray about. we need to pray that we can grow and trust in Him that the outcome will be good. we need to pray and understant that no one will judge, that no one should judge. even small careless comments matter. i think once we are able to break these "boundaries" we will trully be ONE BODY. i just pray that we can continue to grow and not just get all gung-ho after these "spirit boosters" like retreats but rather grow throughout our lives. yea this is extremely hard and its one of the things i need to work on too. i guess i just have to remember, this isn't just for yourself. but it is also for God and your fellow brothers and sisters in christ.

"Push your faith beyound what is comfortable."

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  1. hey, i wrote a blog sorta on the same topic!

    i dont know anyone that blogs as much as you. keep it up.