Monday, January 12, 2009

Night Time Thinkings

So it's 11:18 and i have finals 2m. i was extremely tired when i came home so i barely studied for like an hour and went to bed at 10 sharp. but for the last hour and 18 minutes i wasnt able to sleep. so i decided to blog.

so while laying here, i was thinking of random things. i thought about what would happen if i had cancer haha. not funny but yea. then i thought about my childhood. i remember the first time i shop lifted. it was when i was really young like first grade of something. my mom brought me to Ross and i went to the toy area. saw this really cool kind of toy car. a mini one. so i asked my mom can i have it. i was practically begging her to let me steal it haha but yea i ended up taking it. shame on me i know. o well. so yea. night times, right before you sleep is when your mind runs wild. im a genius at night!!! like i come up with the best things like ideas for BASIC and my room and other things but i always forget them when i wake up. so now i leave a notebook by my bed and a pen. jus in case i come up with the cure for AIDs or something haha. ok good night guys.

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