Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Car

So today i woke up at like 8:30 at the jungs house. auntie annie picked up marc and i and we went to chinatown to buy fortune cookies and bao for the newstart potluck. chinese people are rude in chinatown. old ladies especially haha. but yea so after they dropped me off and silver cut and i took my parents car and drove to practice. first day of practice and first time i drove to practice it was nice. so basically i had the car all day. drove to get arbys, got home, ate, showered and drove to church haha then yea i love having the car to myself. lets me sing without anyone listening LOL haha but no seriosuly. its a sense of freedom and yea. cant wait to get my own car. there was a cop following me when i was driving to practice. i was SOO scared haha. good thing i wasnt speeding lol. or it would have been gg for me :]

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