Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Day

Today was pretty good. Woke up at like 12 but didnt want to. still was hecka tired but i woke up to do calc. lame. then after that i eat the spaghetti my mom made me. it was soon 3 and i left for sunday school. decided to walk and enjoy the quietness and just think. it was great.

As i was walking noticed two things. there was a house that had boxes of free books. saw the word "God" on it so i decided to check it out. turned out to be someting stupid and not Christian God. then a few blocks later saw this real estate agent. he was leaving the house and was trying to get out through the garage. but each time he shut the door, the door would hit his shoulder and open up again. it was pretty funny haha. but after two times he failed, i was going to walk over there and help him out. but luckily he made it on the third try. thirds the charm.

Church was good. did the usual. curtis talked about alcohol and words like "shoot" and "freakin". whether they are okay or not. he also mentioned about his friend was surprised he was Christian. that made me think about "Shining your light". he made a point that at school we might have a different side. if we shine it well enough, everywhere, people shouldnt be surprised you are Christian. then after when i went to ask jim to borrow a bible, he sat down with me and asked me what he can pray for me for. i was sooo happy he did that. i didnt really have anything so we just sat and talked for a while. its soo great to have ppl like jim at newstart, just come up to you and ask you about how you are, show that they care. that made my day.

"Shine your light not on a pedestal and putting yourself out there, but rather through your faith and actions so people will experience your glory of God."


  1. hi jon. i subscribed to your blog on google reader. so i'll keep reading it. and will leave comments occasionally too. like this one. keep posting!

  2. hurro sir!
    updates like this one make the day brighter.
    oh, and i really like the quotes at the end of each one. quite lovely :]