Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christians vs Non-Christians

One assumption a lot of people is that Christians automatically are super Godly and full of faith. you would expect them to be all out there and shining their light and doing this and that. but that isn't necessarily the case. christians might sometimes be weaker in faith than new christians. the reason is that christians live a "too comfortable" life. they tend to be sheltered from all the bad and don't see the uncomfortable so when something uncomfortable comes along, it is hard for them to adapt. this might be the case of why you dont see some christians "stepping it up". they just arent use to the uncomfort-ness. on the other hand, it is kind of easier to non-christians to become stronger in faith because this is new to them and they want to get to know it more. they probably seen all the struggles and hardship and now is turning to a solution and are all gung-ho for it. and this isn't the case for all non-christians and christians but this is one perspective and it was kind of what josh and i talked about. but yea, i am kind of tired so im not sure i got all of it down.

also another thing is that often times new christians are scared to participate verbally in church discussions like at sunday school is that because they are scared of saying the "wrong" things. i know people tell you "there is no such thing as the wrong thing" but there is still this boundary that separates. i was there once and i know how it feels. i have also witnessed some friends and people that because of this, they arent as active in discussions. but i talked about this with a friend. he made the point that it is kind of harder for christians to speak out because basically they are expected to know it and they have a little more pressure. i dont really know which side to take but these are just some of my thoughts. i guess when in doubt, Jesus is always the right answer. haha

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