Monday, January 19, 2009


So the leaders of some Christian clubs from high schools(wallenberg, washington, lowell, galileo, balboa, lincoln) have been organizing monthly activities to try and unify sf christians. so far so good. our first event is a POTLUCK. sooooo excited. i really love these interschool christian events we are doing. seriously its like bigger than what we are use to and our normal everyday activites like church and club. Heres the Whats Up:

@ Sunset Church (43rd&Lawton)

Saturday, February 21st, 2009
5-9 PM
Bring food!
  • Lincoln: Appetizers/Snacks for 70 people
  • Balboa: Fruits/Veggies for 70 people
  • Wallenberg: Drinks/Utensils/Plates/Cups/Napkins for 70 people
  • Washington: Main Entrees for 40 people
  • Lowell: Main Entrees for 40 people
  • Galileo: Dessert for 70 people
Try to let your leaders at your school know beforehand or ask me about it.
You DONT have to be Christian!!!

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