Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Late Night Adventures

Like a few months ago, josh marc and i would go drive out to our "late night adventures" after fellowship. usually lasted til like 12 ish but yea. we would mainly just talk. we talk about a lot of things, girls, boys, school, newstart, our faith. and these conversations are really helpful. we update each other and it helps us get through. for me at least. problems get solved, plans are created and faith grows. so tonight, it was just me and josh. we talked about christians vs non-christians, B.A.S.I.C christian club, and christianity within newstart. we noticed alot and we talked about it. and i reallly enjoy these long conversations. really do. i think one of the best things to do is just go out with someone in a car and just park and talk. it really helps you and really is relieving. i think from now on im going to make that an offer when ever i drive or whenever. ill offer to just go with someone to talk. quite the reliever. i thank God for friends like josh that take the time to just talk with. thanks josh.

Fortune Cookies: i bought a bag of fortune cookies for newstart potluck and i have one at home. i ate the whole bag today so i got a bijillion quotes. heres one of them:

"With clothes the new are best; with friends the old are best."

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