Friday, January 30, 2009

Money's Tight

so my dad suddenly approached me with FAFSA info and all this stuff about how i need to get student loans and stuff. apparently he talked to his "accountant" and i need to do this and that and whatever before the slots are taken up. so yea i told him i ALREADY filled out the FAFSA. just waiting for the report. and yea. so im kinda worried about paying for college and stuff. i know my parents cant afford it. and i know i will have to do some loans and stuff but yea. but good thing im not scared. im ready to take on the challenges and i guess i will have to make some social life sacrifices in order to work and pay for tuition of college. o well. im ready. HE has a plan and i believe in its goodness.

i also calculated how much i needed to save up for the things i wanted to do senior year like BOAT DANCE, PROM, SENIOR TRIP. i got roughly $1200. course there is extra thrown in there but yea. so im gonna start saving up. no more wasting money on food and things. gotta find a job too. looking at Blockbuster, its close and not too bad lol.

"It's good to worry, but don't like your worries turn into fear."

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